Appaneravanda Kiran Subbaiah's Sculptures

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You write really good read, I think this article is full I feel a kind of cultural atmosphere, I hope the author can continue to maintain this mood, to continue to write articles so that more readers can feel this cultureatmosphere.

Awesome! I am impressed that I will have to sculpt words to express the uniqueness of form, sensuality, and aesthetics.The sense that these are mystical objects is made stronger by the mystery around their origin and purpose.

I am so impressed all your unique and awesome work by a great artist . I can't define in words.

Thejeshwini Chandra

I am very impressed by his work. The Subjects that he chooses and the way it is depicted in the form of stone is something ineffable. I am totally in love with it :). Wish you great success..

With lots of respect.
its really a awesome work by a great artist ,pleasure to watch,its just a enthronement status for all of yor work,aesthetics,artifact and ena'mour...

I am so impressed by your dedication.As a lover of art so touched to see a kodava so devoted to his passion.Would so love to visit your gallery at mysore soon.having learnt tanjore,mural and staedtler it would be a treat to watch. Regards, shilvi

It takes extreme concentration, dedication, will power, endurance & patience to get every hammer blow on the chisel attain precision in creating a marvel, bringing a stone alive. Your sculpture creations cannot be expressed by words. Its divine perfection.

Marvelous piece of work which can only be done by extraordinary people with a midas touch. One needs unique sense to actually observe and understand the true form of each sculpture.Exceptional work.Keep it up!!!