Appaneravanda Kiran Subbaiah's Sculptures

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 Kiran Subbabiah is a master sculptor who breathes life into

stone with his incredible talent and passion for  art.

          Kiran Subbaiah from Karnataka State (India) is a renowned sculptor who has significantly contributed to contemporary art. He is known for his unique style of creating "MULTISIDED SCULPTURES alongside stunning traditional and contemporary works ." He aims for a world record with more than 600 sculptures to his credit.
       Kiran Subbaiah's private museum at Mysore, "Museum of Sculptures," is the FIRST and the ONLY museum in the world to exhibit and display more than two hundred 'MULTISIDED SCULPTURES' all made by hand without the use of any machines along with 400+ other sculptures of Traditional and Contemporary styles.


     One of the most notable aspects of Kiran Subbaiah's work is his ability to create visually stunning and intellectually engaging sculptures. In addition, his work invites viewers to contemplate the deeper meaning behind his creations.


     The museum also displays a 5 feet 1 1/2 inch Masterpiece of Lord Adisesha, the serpent god carved with 135 heads which is on the way to the record book.