Appaneravanda Kiran Subbaiah's Sculptures


In the year 1980, Mr. Kiran Subbaiah invented a totally new script for the scriptless Kodava language. It consists of 35 main letters (full letters) and 25 half letters, which totally adds up to 60 letters. The Khagunitha Akshara letters further add 336 letters and totally it comes to 396 letters. Dr. Pattanayak, the then Director of Central Institute of Indian Languages had appreciated and had photostated the entire script with its rules and grammar of usage of the script for reference and study. But, the sad part is, not a single Kodava nor ANYBODY from the Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy came to see the script and discuss about it….MAYBE, they did not want to own a house of their own, and are satisfied staying in a rented house (i.e. by using the Kannada Script).

As the Kodavas were using the Kannada Script from a long time and since MANY words of Kodava Language could not be represented in its correct phonetical sense….. In the year 1983, he modified the existing KANNADA SCRIPT in a simple way to suit Kodava Language, by which about 135 new phonetical sounds could be represented. Even for this, not a single Kodava nor ANYBODY from the Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy responded nor reacted! Maybe they thought that, why should they modify and paint the rented house (Kannada script)? …poor people… dumb people…they lacked the insight and forethought of preserving the unique, varied and the correct phonetical sounds of the Kodava Language for posterity and for the future growth and development of the KODAVA LANGUAGE. Even the editors and publishers of a few Kodava weekly newspapers (using kannada script) are nonchalant about this…. Maybe they do not want to give credit to another Kodava, who is not in their field. WHATSOEVER if instead of wasting many years inventing a new script and modifying Kannada script to suit Kodava Language , he should have invented or formulated a new drink (alcohol) with extra and unique flavor and punch… Then he would have been appreciated and hailed by one and all.

Apart from the Kodava Language, this modification can also benefit the Kannada Language and its Literature in the usage of new words from English or many other languages. And in retaining certain Medical, Technical OR any other words by preserving its true phonetical sounds, which could further enrich the Kannada Language. But even here, neither Kannada Organization nor a kannadiga has come forward to discuss, appreciate or evaluate it. IS IT because he is a non-kannadiga?...OR is the Kannada Organization filled with pseudo intellectuals who are more interested in their own self promotion? OR MAYBE, the Kannadigas being the Land Lords are being lethargic and self satisfied and are not bothered to alter and build extra rooms, so that their building (kannada script) can get better value and status and more respect and also tenants in the future . They are totally unaware of the uses of this modification for further development and future growth of Kannada Language and Literature.

In 1981, he also introduced a NEW FORM of writing in KODAVA LITERATURE known as “JHOD BODI” and “JHOD THAKK”. Apart from many poems in Kodava Language which have got published in the Kodava Weekly Paper “BRAHMAGIRI”. Even for this, there is no recognition from the Karnataka Sahithya Academy! It is best to DISBAND this Academy, as it has done nothing noteworthy for the Kodava Language and is a criminal waste of public money.
He published a lot of revolutionary poems in the paper “BRAHMAGIRI” and he was one of the MAIN Founder Member of the Kodagu Original Inhabitants Rights Protection Committee (K.O.I.R.P.C) which was formed on March 1982, with the intention of protecting and preserving the TRADITIONAL and CULTURAL ways of life of the KODAVAS in Kodagu District (COORG).