Appaneravanda Kiran Subbaiah's Sculptures


        In the field of contemporary sculptures, a sculptor from INDIA, i.e.    Mysore    in Karnataka State, Mr A.Kiran Subbaiah has surpassed the barrier of  stagnation and  the MONOPOLY of other Western Nations and has introduced  and perfected a  different form and style of sculpture termed as "MULTISIDED  SCULPTURE".

        Since 1975…till now, i.e. as on September 2014, Mr. Kiran Subbaiah (64 yrs  and  still working) has carved about two hundred and twelve (212)  MULTISIDED  SCULPTURES wherein…

 2 in 1 (i.e. 2 sided) are 76 in number/ x 2 = 152 subjects or forms.
 3 in 1 (i.e. 3 sided) are 47 in number/ x 3 = 141 subjects or forms.
 4 in 1 (i.e. 4 sided) are 83 in number/ x 4 = 332 subjects or forms.
 5 in 1 (i.e. 5 sided) are 6 in number/ x 5 =   30  subjects or forms.           
  TOTAL  =  212 statues with 655 subjects or forms with individual titles. 
  These 655 subjects are carved and sculpted using only 212 pieces of raw  material, thereby saving about (655-212) 443 pieces of raw material.

        These types of sculptures are possible only if a sculptor has deeper and wider vision, imagination and quick silver flow of thoughts and ideas flowing from his mind. No wonder Mr. Kiran Subbaiah’s friends, well wishers and art lovers call him “THE KING OF MULTISIDED SCULPTURES”…..AND at the 9th International Granites and Stone Fair “STONA 2010” held at Bangalore in February 2010; he was given the title “THE LIVING LEGEND”.         

        Apart from these one hundred and fifty three (212) “MULTISIDED SCULPTURES” with six hundred and fifty five (655) subjects with individual titles, wherein the titles used are unusual, uncommon, different, varied and rarely used in the art field, the private “MUSEUM OF SCULPTURES” of Mr. Kiran Subbaiah also houses and displays ordinary traditional, innovative traditional, realistic and other varied pieces of sculptures. On the whole… nearly about five hundred (500) pieces of sculptures (carved by a single sculptor) are displayed and this private “MUSEUM OF SCULPTURES” of Mr. Kiran Subbaiah can be safely and boldly called as “THE FIRST AND THE ONLY MUSEUM IN THE WORLD” to display 153 MULTISIDED SCULPTURES sculpted by a single sculptor, apart from the other pieces of sculpture carved by him. This is a fit case for a place in Guinness Book of World Records. But since in Mysore i.e. Karnataka State (India), both the VISUAL and the PRINT MEDIA are not aware of this achievement, as most of them are ignorant and do not have the proper interest and the knowledge about the trends and the intricacies about art. Apart from the casual reporting about art, they do not have the capacity to make an in depth study and then report about such achievements. But they may be good in reporting about politics, sports… Etc. and most of the time, political links, caste, creed and money also play a major role in getting recognition. He belongs to a minor Kodava community from Coorg (Kodagu district). But whatsoever BECAUSE of these drawbacks, this achievement of Mr. Kiran Subbaiah is not much highlighted.